Catch me at the Grammys

Grammy's 2016
My dad calls me and says, “We got a call to perform at the Official Grammys after-party… you want to go?”
Hell yeah! I'm on my way to the Grammy’s weekend, where all the celebs go to hang out and be cool. The Grammy’s is not just another award show it’s the best. The industry’s best artists show up to this event. (unless they’re boycotting; Kanye West, Jay Z) It’s the top of the food chain.

I arrive one day before the televised event and end up at the CAA party where Stevie Wonder, Ke$ha, ZZ Ward, Tamar Braxton, Leon Bridges and many others stars being low key. It was cool to see a lot of high-end execs like David Sedeck and Jeff Frasco that got their break with Kool and The Gang when they first hit it big.

The next morning, the day of the actual Grammys awards show, I get a call that the guys have an extra ticket to the Grammy’s. My uncle doesn't feel like going and wants to relax with his wife and get ready for the Grammy’s after-party. I ended up getting the extra ticket to the Grammy’s! I only thought that I'd be performing at the after-party with the Gang. No way did I think I'd actually be going to the Grammys!

So here I am walking the red carpet into the Grammy’s solo. The guys had already walked it while I was at sound check for the after-party. It takes at least one hour to finish the red carpet if you’re a star getting interviewed by all of the press.
After hanging out in the Staples Center lobby having a drink I make my way to my seat. We had amazing seats, a level up from the main floor, a perfect view of the stage. The show was incredible! It was like one big concert of all the a-list stars of 2016. What an incredible experience!

Is that Tory Burch with DJ Prince Hakim?


I love this picture of Tory Burch and I. This was taken at the Tory's Sports Flatiron store opening in NYC. I was honored and very excited to DJ the soundtrack of music for the evening, I don't take gigs like this for granted, you have to kill it :)

Annor Wintor walks in and the party is lit! Chanel Iman was there along with a few other celebs having a good time. I kept the music on high energy then hit them with a lil Motown...

Earlier during the day at soundcheck, I ask Tory's photographer Noel if I can get a picture with Tory once she arrives. Noel didn't promise anything just said if she's not too busy she may make her way over to the DJ booth... I figured if I rock her party she would come over and I would get my pic...needless to say she made her way over to me and I got my pic. Thanks for the custom made monogrammed track sweatsuit, I love it!!!


Meeting President Bill Clinton

Meeting President Bill Clinton


    I DJ'd a holiday party for Red Light/ATO records where Hannah, President Clinton's advisor was in attendance. She liked my set and asked if I would like to DJ for The Clinton Foundation since they had a few events coming up. I was in shock! 

I DJ'dtwo of their events thus far. President Bill Clinton was the host for one of the events along with actresses Sarah Gellar and Raven Symone. Meeting the president was pretty intense. They had secret service men everywhere! Once my set was done, we took a picture together. He was really cool! He even sent me a thank you letter for DJ'ing the event. I'm looking forward to working with the Clinton Foundation in 2016!


Not your average JOE

Even though the artist Joe goes by one name his talents are many and relentless, this night Joe was opening for New Edition at the Barclay's Center and invited me to his dressing room to sit and chill before the show had even started. The vibe in the venue was indescribable . I sat in the audience of about 15,000 people to say the least, it was quite mesmerizing  to see every fan singing along to Joe's many hits.

It's My Prerogative

I grew up listening to New Edition and we would perform renditions of their songs, so to be presented with an opportunity to see them sell out a show at The Barclay's Center along with Bobby Brown, on their all Six tour , WOW! This was a dream come true. Bobby Brown came out of his dressing room singing a Kool and the Gang song as soon as he saw me , we reminisced on how long it has been since I've seen him. 

Always a good time with the fellas!

Microphone Fiend


This picture represents a movement for the birth of Prince Hakim, an explosion of a passion that was sparked when I met Rakim, The God MC, in this case MC really does mean "move the crowd" according to Rakim's audience. Getting to meet one of my idols backstage was something he didn't anticipate although he had seen him perform previous to this event. Hakim relates to Rakim in many ways for they are both made up of music and it's Rakim's delivery that strikes just the right chord in this artist.

Table for 5

Screen Shot I took on my friends tv while watching it back when it came on :)

After maintaining a friendship with Vincent Herbert , (husband of Tamar Braxton) for many years, it was no surprise for me to receive a call to get together for dinner with this old friend,  including High School friend "E" at Joanne's Trattoria in NYC ( which is owned by the parents of Lady Gaga. But it was a surprise that I would be asked to guest star on the "Tamar and Vince" show. What was an actual two hour dinner seemed like a ten minute scene if that. This is where I got to experience behind the scene's of reality tv show production.  It was nice to get to see how music, TV production, taping, lighting etc, are all executed. It was a great switch to be part of this, in fact a breath of fresh air, it allows me to grow in all areas of the entertainment biz.

A Day At The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Black thought ,Ronald Bell, and I.

This photo depicts a gathering of musical minds. This photo was taken at the Jimmy Fallon show where my Uncle and I met and greeted singer Tarik from "The Roots".  The horn section of "Kool and the Gang" sat in the with The Roots where incredible renditions of music both new and old were made when these two iconic talents merged. Even in between commercials they nailed the beats, horns energy with their vocals and their musical mayhem of perfection. I recall that Jimmy Fallon was so witty and the experience of being right in the center of all the action was a memorable one.. It was interesting to see how a live show tapes and to be part of that day gave me great insight into what it takes when all genre's collaborate and perform, both on a comedic level and musical level to entertain all the audience members