NEW YORK, NY - August, 2018 - DJ Prince Hakim is proud to announce his new collaboration with r&b/pop singer Walt Anderson,“R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y” . After executive producing Kool & The Gang’s first Top 10 single in 10 years, “Sexy”, Prince Hakim felt it was time to return to the studio to produce his own project. The infectious upbeat single will be featured on his upcoming EP “Funky Good Time”, set to be released in November.

The meaning of R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y is to honor and uplift women. Given the current climate of the music industry regarding women, Prince Hakim felt it necessary to produce a project that empowers women. The funky song, written by Walt Anderson, Hakim Bell, and Shaun Bass, will be available for purchase on all platforms on August 10th.

In just his fourth year in the world of spin, Prince Hakim has already amassed an impressive resume, lending his talents to events for The Clinton Foundation and Tory Burch and racing the coveted Carnegie Hall stage. New to the DJ world as he might be, Prince Hakim is no stranger to the world of music and performance. The son of the Robert “Kool” Bell, founder of the legendary Kool & The Gang, DJ Prince Hakim has had a front row seat to watch some of the best performances around the world. This informal tutelage not only taught Prince Hakim the business side of the game, but also informed his musical tastes, which range from Hip-Hop to Disco and everything in between. As a producer and a DJ, Prince Hakim always sets out to create a vibe that captures the essence of life.