Is that Tory Burch with DJ Prince Hakim?


I love this picture of Tory Burch and I. This was taken at the Tory's Sports Flatiron store opening in NYC. I was honored and very excited to DJ the soundtrack of music for the evening, I don't take gigs like this for granted, you have to kill it :)

Annor Wintor walks in and the party is lit! Chanel Iman was there along with a few other celebs having a good time. I kept the music on high energy then hit them with a lil Motown...

Earlier during the day at soundcheck, I ask Tory's photographer Noel if I can get a picture with Tory once she arrives. Noel didn't promise anything just said if she's not too busy she may make her way over to the DJ booth... I figured if I rock her party she would come over and I would get my pic...needless to say she made her way over to me and I got my pic. Thanks for the custom made monogrammed track sweatsuit, I love it!!!